Max Reeves
Max Reeves


In Los Angeles real estate and entertainment interconnect like nowhere else in the world. As well as being dedicated to developing my entertainment career, I also work with one of the Top Realtor Teams in Los Angeles as an assistant.

My extensive network has brought me many connections, and we have many entertainment business clients, as well as countless families, savvy real estate investors and first-time buyers from other countries.

Our international team with combined 40+ years of leadership in the industry covers the whole city of Los Angeles.

We treat all our customers like stars and succeed where others fail. Let me match you with the best specialist in your area to assist in locating the best home for your needs, or selling your property. 

If you work with our team, you work with the best of the best. Our brand is widely regarded as the leader in the world of luxury real estate. From world-class marketing and negotiating the best price on your behalf, to assisting with staging or moving if needed - 100% client satisfaction is assured.

So, are you looking to buy or sell a home?

This usually equates to the following:

For Buyers…The best deal possible

For Sellers…The highest sales price possible



A few questions you may have:

Q. There are so many Realtors / Agents, why should I use you?

A. Meet with us and you’ll know! I’m biased of course, but our combination of knowledge, experience and putting clients first will I’m sure impress upon you that we are an asset you will want to use to achieve your real estate goals.


Q. Which areas can you help me in?

A. All over Los Angeles County, and parts of Orange County. We have experience in most areas ranging from Beverly Hills to Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach to Malibu.


Q. How is the market?

A. Two different answers depending on if you are a buyer or seller. As a buyer, this is a very difficult market in which to locate an ideal property at a reasonable price. There is much competition and many listings have multiple offers on them. Sometimes even offering full price is not enough to secure the property. We have strategies to work around this which can give you the edge in a multiple offer situation.

If a seller, you are in the driving seat. It’s a seller’s market and you are well positioned to get a premium price for your property   


Q. Do you handle all price ranges?

A. Yes, of course! From first time buyers to multi-million dollar estates.

Q. I had my home on the market previously and it did not sell, can you assist?

A. Absolutely! There is no reason a home should not sell in this market. We can probably get you even more than you had it listed for the last time, and have a tracking record of pulling that off countless times.


Q. What fees do you charge?

A. As a buyer, completely free!

As a seller…multiple discounts are available for you that we can explain when we meet. 


Q. In a general sense can you summarize why it is a good time to buy a home?

A. It is always a good time to buy a home! Why? Buying home as a primary residence is part financial decision, but mainly a lifestyle decision. If you can afford it…buy! It will pay you back over the years in ways you can’t even imagine. While no-one can predict future values or appreciation, a home allows you to create memories in a space that you can amend, re-decorate, etc, in ways that renting doesn’t allow for. Plus…one of the main drivers of the decision to buy a home is that rents keep going up! We all need a place to live. Either make your landlord rich or invest in your own future.


Q. Do you handle investment properties?

A. Absolutely! Whether you are looking for a single family home or condo as a rental property, or have one to sell, or a multi-unit property, we can assist.


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