[heat wave]

It is about a 100 degrees F here, I’m sitting outside sipping my cappuccino. There are certain drinks that I just can’t stand being cold. Coffee is certainly one of them. Iced coffee is sort of a perversion to me. Same goes with iced tea. In my world, both coffee and tea only exist as hot drinks irrespective of the weather outside.


I really am genuinely enjoying the heat wave. Basically, everything below 75 F is cold for me. Mid to high 80s is a comfortable temperature. When it gets over a 100, it might be a little too much but then I know I can sleep naked at night just fine without freezing my bones. And trust me, I’m always freezing. Growing up in the cold country doesn’t make you cold-resistant at all. I can’t even stand most of the office buildings because they kick up AC’s inside to 65 degrees. Brrrrr, it literally gives me the shivers just thinking about it. I grew up in the country where 6 months of brutal winter with snow is kind of a normal thing, and maybe that makes me so appreciative of nice and sunny weather. I can’t express enough how happy I feel when I don’t have to put on layers of warm clothes before going out and then spend 10 minutes taking it all off once I’m back. For someone who’s used to be wrapping up in sweaters before, the opportunity of kicking around the house wearing next to nothing is unutterably appealing.


That’s a big part of the attraction of LA for me – the weather. It may sound boring and banal, but seeing the sun, bright blue skies and the glimpse of the ocean every day really puts me in the whole different frame of mind and brings smile to my face. I’m used to slightly different scenery – more gray and gloomy, almost depressing. We all know that moderate amount of sun radiation is actually good for you and it helps your body produce vitamin D. It's good for your psyche. There are some receptors for vitamin D in the areas of the brain that are linked to the development of depression. There’s gotta be a connection between the weather and the suicide rates in each country. For instance, Greenland – a county not particularly known for its warm and sunny climate – has the world’s highest suicide rate. The closer you get to the equator and the warmer and sunnier the overall climate of the country is, the lesser is the amount of those attempting to kill themselves. It’s very interesting.


Ever since I moved to LA, I never really missed snow or the actual winter. Even though I do like the idea of fully defined 4 seasons, I’d rather prefer living in the never-ending summer.  

So my advice to all of the guys out there complaining about the sun – enjoy. This muggy and hot weather is actually good for your skin. Just make sure you wear enough sunscreen. And happy Labor Day!