[Stress and routine]


Keeping your lifestyle habits intact becomes almost impossible when you have to deal with major stress in life. But no matter how bad or traumatic the event is, you should try to not let it take over you.

I was quite overwhelmed and still am to a point...Of course I kept working all this time, but everything almost dimmed in the shade of seriousness of what happened.

Thankfully, I finally had a day off and after catching up with friends, I was able to bumble a little bit and then go to the gym.
Spent there 1,5 hrs instead of the usual hour. Stretching routine took a bit longer and I could feel how stiff my body became after not exercising for 2 weeks...It feels good to get back into it. Even feels good to be sore the day after. 

After that I got back home and thoroughly cleaned the place.
There's something oddly satisfying about arranging things and making sure everything is in the right place. Also, looking at the place that's so pristine clean. There might be something maniacal about it haha. Clustered and dirty places really affect my mood. Affect big time. That's the reason I can't stand some of the neighborhoods in LA. Garbage on streets, bad smell, homeless people...Like some of the areas in Downtown, they never fail to shock me. I was just driving by one of those areas the other day and couldn't stop thinking "what's wrong with all those people..." If you don't know, you'd never think this shot was taken in one of the biggest cities of supposedly the most sophisticated country in the world.


Taking care of your own living space seems so natural but...Quite often you really don't notice how you let things go when you're overwhelmed. I've seen it quite often. Some traumatic experience throws a person off so much that they stop cleaning the place they live in, exercising, eating the same way etc. All those little things we choose to do make us who we are. At least, partly.

Some routine that involves taking care of ourselves is actually a very helpful and healthy thing. When you're preprogrammed to do certain things, you don't give it a second thought, right? That's why I think routine is so important.


When dealing with a very stressful and shocking event in your life, the worst thing you can do for yourself is give in to it and fall out of the routine that used to be part of your life.
It's been more than 2 weeks now and I think I'm coming to terms with what happened and that I can't change anything. Life goes on, and I have to be strong. Mentally and physically. Giving up is easy. It's something anyone can do, right? So I won't do it. Now I have even more things to take care of.


Photo credit: Rick Wayne, Max Reeves