[wasted energy]

The day started with an accident. Well, that is a kind of situation you can't really do anything about...


Have never gotten into an accident before while being behind the wheel myself, so I guess you can say I just lost my accident virginity. 

I was getting off the freeway near Downtown LA when the guy suddenly cut right in front of me. I could only see him coming the very last second but it was enough to prevent something really terrible happening.
I'm guessing he was just switching lanes without caring much to look behind to check if any cars were coming...Anyway, he admitted his fault and suggested to take care of it, so will see how it plays out.


I ended up with just a few minor scratches on the bumper. It's nothing serious and I can only laugh at it now, really. That's literally the best kind of accident you could ever get into. Everybody's fine, no injuries, both cars are still drivable and scratches are minor. And it's only a car after all, right? No need to worry.

So many more important things to worry about..I think a lot of people have a tendency to worry and stress over stuff that doesn't really matter. They're consciously winding themselves up analyzing and reanalyzing something that's already happened or something they can't change. It's just a waste of energy, that's really what it is. When something happened, the only way out is to accept it and move on. Don't get back to events that only bolster your negative thinking. If you're still here, alive, you should be grateful for it. It's another day and another chance. When something bad happens and you realize you can't change anything, just move on. Stop wasting your time thinking about it and making yourself even more sad and frustrated. It just doesn't worth it. There's only so much time we all have on this planet, so why not trying to fill it with good thoughts and memories? Sometimes you can't change what happens, but you always have the capacity to change your reaction to it.

That's why I don't like people who always create drama. 
We all have only so much time and energy. Let's try not to waste it on things that don't matter. Smile and move on.